A True Energy Healer

All of us, at some point in our lives, experience trauma, pain, anxiety and stress but we do not have to stay stuck in it!

With the use of very powerful energy techniques rooted in science and understanding the human condition, healing can be made on all levels. We’ve all heard of spontaneous healing. Many wonder how did it happen and where does it come from. Sign up for Shannon’s email list to discover the answers to your questions. 

From super models to stay-at home moms, Shannon takes helping people seriously. No matter what your spiritual background, or where you are in your spiritual path, Shannon has a calling; it’s a mission, and every day she is fulfilling her purpose by helping people like you. 

Shannon uses her own energy healing techniques to help her clients, and she also teaches healing for those whose goal is to heal themselves.

To read Shannon’s extraordinary story of survival, to becoming an exceptional healer, you can check out her bio / about me page.

Our purpose in life is generally helping people with something we ourselves have overcome. For some it’s love; for others grief, some money problems, and for Shannon it’s spiritual issues that lead to health problems. 

People come to Shannon when they’ve tried everything else and they are ready to tap into the divine to discover their true spiritual illness, which can help the physical sickness disappear.

She’s seen them with strokes, stage four cancers, and even Lyme disease; when you discover the root cause, the problem may just disappear.

Would you like to set up your Spiritual Catalyst Call with Shannon to see if she might be able to help you? Discover your own healing abilities, or find out what a session could do for your situation. 

Please note that though Shannon specializes in spiritual health healing, when one area begins to heal, all areas of life begin to improve: money, love, overcoming fear, and even spontaneously discovering your own divine gifts.

Testimonials From Clients


"He no longer has Lyme Disease."


"My stage 4 cancer is gone!"


"I've been to many healers over the years and it's not everyday that you come across someone like Shannon. I can't rave about Shannon enough! She's the best!!!"


"I have suffered from hemi-facial spasms since 1998. Honestly I do not how she healed my face but I believe that she is so well connected that all the healing seemed so simple."


"I would highly recommend her to anyone."


"I've been Shannon's client for about 3 years and she still blows me away during each session."

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